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Brick bonanza! Massive clearance sale now on 🧱

We currently have incredible deals on a variety of high-quality bricks at our Biddenden and Folkestone branches. But hurry, as these amazing prices are only valid while stocks last!

Brick clearance sale at Youngs Biddenden and Folkestone

Biddenden Branch:

Weston Red Multi:  £695 per 1000 bricks (limited quantities)

Weston Red Multi brick at Youngs Biddenden

Escorial Stock Brick:  £795 per 1000 bricks (limited quantities)

Escorial Stock brick at Youngs Biddenden

Clumber Red Wirecut:  £695 per 1000 bricks (limited quantities)

Clumber Red Wirecut brick at Youngs Biddenden

Ashwell Yellow Wirecut:  £695 per 1000 bricks (limited quantities)

Ashwell Yellow Wirecut brick at Youngs Biddenden

Folkestone Branch:

Spanish Red:  £550 per 1000 bricks (limited quantities)

Spanish Red brick at Youngs Folkestone

Whether you're building a new home, adding an extension, or renovating your existing property, Youngs has the perfect brick for you.

Don't Miss Out!

These fantastic clearance deals won't last forever. Visit Youngs in Biddenden or Folkestone today to explore our selection and secure your stock of high-quality bricks at a fraction of the usual cost.


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